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Why are we different?

Directive and Facilitive Coaching Styles Human Dynamics offer a powerful cocktail of coaching and business experience backed with MBA level ideas and relevant psychologies of personal excellence.  This combination provides personal success tools to facilitate lasting change.

Recent research from University College London suggests that coaching is only effective when it meets these criteria:

  • Client preparation to receive the coaching - 40% contribution
  • Getting the relationship right between client and coach - 30% contribution
  • Client expectation that coaching will lead to improvement - 15% contribution
  • The coach's repertoire of models / strategies and tools to help the client - 15% contribution

We offer a full range of coaching styles covering both the directive styles of coaching (most useful when the person needs  vital knowledge, models or experience to act) and the facilitative or "Socratic" styles of coaching (most useful when the person needs help to unravel complex issues and/or needs to see different perspectives to make a wise decision or take action).  

How does it work?

  1. We identify and agree your requirements first and then provide a mini-experience of the coaching process, so that you can decide whether it will be of longer term benefit. This addresses the 70%
  2. We then agree a schedule of coaching sessions, ranging from a short burst of 3-4 coaching sessions delivered fairly rapidly to address a specific need to a more wide ranging programme spread out in short bursts over time. This addresses the 15%
  3. We agree a time to complete the coaching process so that dependency does not set in. This addresses the remaining 15%
  4. We can deliver coaching face to face, by phone, e-mail, SKYPE, or a mixture of methods  
  5. We have an international network of professional coaches if you work globally

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