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Innovation Dynamics

Innovation is 'the successful and sustainable implementation of ideas'. We provide reliable innovative thinking strategies, processes, tools and structures that enable your company to stay ahead.  Three types of innovation exist:


Human Dynamics help in the following areas:


Case Study

Case Study:

Ideas into innovations


Our client was British Telecom, who faced severe competition a while back. It was looking to produce innovations within the brand, its products and its processes, to generate both short and long term growth and contain the cost baseto improve shareholder value.

The client requirement

To generate a range of innovative opportunities each worth minimum £100 M per annum.  Previous activity had not focused on innovations of sufficient scale.

What we did

We designed and delivered a series of 24 hour innovation immersion events in different parts of the company, to address the challenge. We also provided advice and development so that the company could continue this work after we had transferred the necessary knowledge, skills and values.


In one example, a wide range of strategic, product and process innovations were generated, from which 11 passed all the board's tests of implementation and each one was judged to be of greater value than the £100 M per annum target. Five of these were initially  implemented with a number of others following on.